Made w/ naturally derived ingredients known to help w/ pain & inflammation

Trusted by professionals and certified by Informed-Choice

Athlon Rub - Tamaño de viaje

Our Herbal Recovery Rub contains oils and extracts known to aid in healing muscle & joint pain. Avoid being sore, relieve discomfort today. For use before and / or after your physical activity. Certified by Informed-Choice to be safe and free of PED’s.

Cómo utilizar

Athlon Rub is a topically applied herbal sports oil which is rubbed and/or massaged onto the body before and/or after strenuous activity (workouts, exercises, etc.).

  1. Agite bien la botella hasta que la fórmula esté espumosa.
  2. Pull up cap after the seal has been removed. Use to enhance the warmup process to reduce the chance of injury and to aid in performance; use post physical activity to aid the recovery process.
  3. Spray directly onto entire body or parts, avoiding eyes or sensitive areas.

In your travels, at home, or at the gym center; this travel size is easy to take everywhere.

Body parts to apply on: Muscles & Joints such as back, legs, knees, shoulders, neck, hip, arms, spine, etc…

Competitors produce creams, gels, or pills but a limited few provide a faster penetrating herbal formula blend.

Propiedades del producto

Athlon Rub has a comfortable and pleasing aroma of Eucalyptus and Wintergreen. The scent assists in improving breathing and oxygenizing the body by opening nasal passages. We have made efforts in reducing the intensity of traditional Thai Oil scent through the natural blending of other scented ingredients. We recognize athletes have active lives outside of the gym.

Feel / Viscosity
Light and smooth glide. Leaves hands and skin soft.

Moderate to high depending on the humidity levels and the amount of warm-up prior to application. Applying after a shower also assists in opening pores and increasing the heat intensity.

Fast, leaves hands and skin smooth and soft to the touch with no residue. Non-greasy and non-sticky, can use under clothing comfortably.

Made w/ the Best Natural Ingredients

Arnica Montana
Aceite de raíz de cúrcuma (Curcuma Longa)
WinterGreen (salicilato de metilo)
Plai tailandés (Zingiber Cassumunar)
Aceite de semilla de cártamo (Carthamus tinctorius)
Tocoferol (Vitamina E)
Aceite de hoja de eucalipto globulus
Aceite De Soja (Glycine Soha)
polisorbato 80

Note: Some of these natural ingredients are known to function as a reliever for arthritis, myalgia, fibromyalgia, gout, sciatica, etc. This over the counter product is not a treatment meant to replace medicine prescribed by a doctor. Please visit a doctor, chiropractor, or other medical professionals if you have any symptoms or syndrome to treat chronic/severe conditions.


“Como fisioterapeuta deportiva y entrenadora de Muay Thai, recomiendo Athlon Rub para la bolsa de gimnasio de cada atleta. No hay mejor manera de calentar los músculos y aflojar las articulaciones antes de un entrenamiento o una competición. Mis atletas y yo lo usamos todos los días antes de nuestras sesiones de entrenamiento y nuestras peleas. Te garantizo que una vez que lo pruebes… ¡estarás enganchado! ”

— Dr. Jason Park,

"Lo he estado usando durante aproximadamente un año en mi práctica y he experimentado excelentes resultados con todo tipo de lesiones".

— Dr. Piñon
Chiropracter Quiro Spa en Miami, FL

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